Potential Problems with your Hincapie Apparel and our advice to avoid:

We aim to produce the best cycling apparel in the world. Due to normal wear & tear, our products will not last forever, nor do we guarantee that they will. Below are a few potential problems that we have seen over the years. We recommend the below advice for avoiding any damage to your Hincapie Apparel since none of these issues will be covered by our warranty policy.

  • Logo Peeling Off – This can happen if the garment is subject to improper wash care. Placing your Hincapie apparel in the dryer will significantly reduce the longevity of the logos. Make sure to line dry your all of your Hincapie apparel and do not use fabric softener.
  • Fabric Pilling – Fabric pilling does not occur from manufacturing defect. It is a result of abrasion, always. Please do not use embroidered saddles with Hincapie apparel. Make sure the Velcro on your saddle bag does not directly come into contact with your shorts, as this will lead to piling. Make sure not wash with any Velcro items (i.e. gloves, shoe covers, etc.).
  • Fabric Deterioration – Fabric will wear over time, especially with the components of sweat that naturally break down fabrics. We recommend that you wash your Hincapie apparel very quickly after use and make sure to store in an area that is free of excess moisture.

What we will warranty within the warranty time frame?

  • Chamois Insert comes unstitched
  • Zipper breaks
  • Thread breaks – in most cases we can repair, but not every case

Warranty Policy:

All Hincapie Sportswear products are warranted to the original owner against manufacturers’ defects in materials and workmanship up to 1 year after original purchase date. Within that time frame, if a product fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will evaluate the item on a case by case basis to decide if it is eligible for repair or replacement, at no cost to the customer. If you have purchased a Hincapie Sportswear item at one of our many retailers, please handle your warranty directly with that shop. Hincapie Sportswear will not be able to issue a warranty RA if we do not have proof of purchase in our records.

If the defective product is outside the warranty return time period, repairs will be made at a reasonable charge. Please see the chart below for pricing guidelines for warranty repairs.

Replace Chamois $ 20.00
Repair Stitching Flaw $ 15.00
Replace Zipper $ 12.00

Garments returned for warranty inspection must be cleaned. If they are not cleaned upon receiving, the garments will be sent back to the customer and they will forfeit their warranty rights.

Regular shipping charges will apply to receive your repaired items that fall outside the warranty.

For repairs/warranty issues, please call Hincapie Sportswear at 864.400.3040 for a warranty authorization number. Please download the Warranty Authorization Form, which will need to be returned with your defective products.

Garments without a WA# or Warranty Form will be returned.